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Tanzania Kilimanjaro

Tanzania Kilimanjaro

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Specialty Coffee of Single Origin

Notes: Sweet and sparkling grapefruit. Caramel and toasty notes. 

Variety: Arabica Bourbon | Kent

Processing Method: Washed

Roasting Profile: 3/5

Elevation: 1200 - 1600 m. Volcanic soil

Suitable for: Milk based, Pour over, filter machines and Cold Brew

The coffee comes from the Arusha region in Tanzania. It is grown on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, where several selected farms produce this high-quality Arabica. This coffee is AA, which is the highest quality of beans from the harvest. Size of the beans are 18.
This coffee is a classic line of this region of Africa providing sparkling acidity and well developed body.  It has an intense sweetness with remarkable notes of chocolate and walnut.

In the region at the foot of the Kilimanjaro the soil is providing a perfect base for healthy coffee trees.



Manual Brewing Instructions