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Italian Barista Certificate (IBC)

For the first time in Dubai and in collaboration with the Espresso Academy Firenze, Italy, the Coffee Academy UAE has introduced since 2019 the Italian Barista Method, a worldwide barista certification, that certifies the knowledge and the skills in the Italian espresso universe: from the making of the cappuccino, to the barista interaction with the customer and to the choice of the right blend for a successful coffee shop! 


The Italian coffee and barista approach is peculiar and distinctive, and Italy is still a landmark for coffee in the world. Students taking the Italian Barista Method Courses will receive the official Espresso Academy Italian Barista Module Certificate issued in Italy and will be officially reported on the page of Italian Barista Method.


Why Italian Barista Certification?

The Italian Barista Method Certification provides the barista with efficiency, speed and self-confidence as well as with an up-to-date broad knowledge of coffee: in skills, traditions and recipes from all over the world.

Courses offered under the Italian Barista Certificate (IBC) are:


Basic Barista Course

This course is ideal for the coffee passionate people who want to start from the basic knowledge and barista skills aiming to dedicate themselves as coffee professionals, as well as for people who are coffee enthusiasts or home baristas. The course covers the history of coffee, history of espresso, handling the espresso machine and grinder as well as plenty of time for practice and lots of great coffee experiences. This course, in itself, allows you to start working and building your way in the world of coffee.

Course Duration: One Day (7 hours)


Advanced Barista Course

This course aims for the top, not only in knowledge, but also in skills, self-confidence, dexterity and awareness. It is ideal for those who have previous barista experience or those who took the Basic Barista Course. The course covers an in-depth study of coffee varietals, farming practices and processing methods, the effect of roasting on espresso taste, the role of water in espresso, espresso sensory exercises, Italian recipes, as well as history and techniques of Basic Latte Art. It also teaches techniques of how to create and manage your own coffee shop and gives you a chance to be part in Barista Time Trial to establish your own personal record and become the World Record Holder.

Course Duration: Two Days (14 hours)


Basic Latte Art  

This course teaches the basics of latte art in a practical way as well as the basic rules and techniques to make patterns of Heart, Rosetta and Tulip. It is ideal for those who have a basic idea of frothing the milk and extracting an espresso or those who took the Basic Barista Course. Basic Latte Art covers the history of latte art, its different techniques, how to froth milk, contrast and symmetry of latte art pattern, as well as practice on Tulip, Heart and Rosetta.

Course Duration: One Day (7 hours)


Advanced Latte Art

This course recaps and builds on the patterns of Basic Latte Art, then moves to the advanced patterns in free pour: Swan, Tulip, Flying Swan, 3 Rosetta, 5 Rosetta, Reverse with 4 layers tulip, Reverse with tulip and swan, and Vortex. It also teaches the advanced pattern in Etching as well as Latte Art in Espresso.

Course Duration: One Day (7 hours)


Brew the World Basic

This course is related to brewing coffee that is not extracted by an espresso machine and ideal for people who want to learn the basics of manual brewing. The course teaches the essential elements of brewing, how to prepare coffee using French Press, V60, Chemex, Moka Pot, Cold Drip and Cold Brew.

Course Duration: One Day (7 hours)


Brew the World Advanced

A more in-depth course of manual brewing methods. It tackles which coffees to use for coffee brewing, roasting degrees, role of CO2, the use of refractometer, coffee brewing chart and brewing methods like Aeropress, Syphon, Ibrik/Cezve and Dalla.

Course Duration: Two Days (14 hours)