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Mono Origin Ibrik Coffee


It’s the oldest method to prepare coffee. Spread in the middle east, north Africa, east Europe and Balkan countries, Russia and Greece.


  • Coffee is grounded very fine, like powder.
  • The most common ratio used is 1gr of coffee to 10 gr of water.
  • Coffee is added to water in a special pot called cezve or ibrik and stirred well to remove every clamps.
  • The Ibrik is then put on a gas burner or hot sand until the coffee blooms.
  • To keep all the characteristics of the coffee used it’s preferable not to go over 96C in around 2.30 min.
  • Don’t make it boil and take it to temperature only once(in some country it’s common to heat it up 2 or 3 times).
  • Pour immediately everything in the cup.