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Mattina Artisan Roastery


Mattina Coffee started with a passion for coffee and an inspiration by Specialty Coffee Roasters to share their know-how with the regional market.  We believe in offering our customers an extraordinary experience, so we approach roasting with dedication in pursuit of perfection.

This dedication is shared with our long-term partners: farmers and cooperatives across the coffee belt, equipment/accessory manufacturers, and the coffee academy.




We forge long lasting partnerships with farmers and cooperatives to secure green coffee beans. We cup many coffees every year but only select those that carry unique characteristics.




Our team of roasters, certified Q-graders, works diligently to extract the perfect aroma and flavours from each coffee bean.  Every batch is cupped separately for Quality.  The roastery is ISO2200 certified and is equipped with the latest roasting technology from PROBAT of Germany.


 mattina artisan roastery, probat roasting machine for specialty coffee



The portfolio of equipment includes traditional espresso machines, fully automatic Beans to Cup machines, filter coffee machines and accessories for the Specialty Coffee market.




Our team of technicians provides fast and complete preventive maintenance and repair support 24/7 across the UAE. 




We collaborate with the Espresso Academy Firenze, Italy and the Specialty Coffee Association to provide courses for Barista, Manual Brewing, Latte Art and Cupping.




We provide expertise in concept design and business models around coffee for cafés, restaurants, corporates and others.