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Coffee Academy


The Coffee Academy UAE provides scheduled courses for Barista Skills, Latte Art and Manual Brewing. It is hosted by Mattina Coffee and collaborates with the Espresso Academy Firenze, Italy.

The trainers are certified with many years of experience and expertise about coffee. They continuously support the local barista community with skills upgrade.

The courses at the Coffee Academy include the latest trends of the global professional coffee community in addition to the following key topics: Traditional Espresso, Latte Art, Manual Brewing and Cupping.



Students of the Coffee Academy receive the official Italian Barista Method (IBM) certificate issued in Italy with their names published on the Italian Barista Method website. IBM, an international barista certification, focuses on the core needs of the barista and provides him/her with a broad knowledge of coffee: skills, tradition and recipes. An IBM certified barista is able to prepare the required recipes with Quality and Speed   (taste, speed and self-confidence), matching the needs of the coffee shop their customers.

Courses provided at Coffee Academy UAE:

  1. Manual Brewing
  2. Latte Art
  3. Barista Skills in three levels (Junior, Master, Top)


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