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Coffee Academy

Our Academy is committed to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date education and training to coffee enthusiasts and professionals in the UAE. Our courses cover topics such as green coffee, roasting, brewing, cupping and latte art as well as offer hands-on experience at our Artisan Roastery. The courses at the Coffee Academy follow the latest trends of the world of professional coffee community, in addition to the classical topics, such as Traditional Espresso, Latte Art and Manual Brewing.

Our Trainers are keen to provide you with the best tools and knowledge to succeed in the real world. Our trainers are certified, have many years of experience and expertise in the coffee industry and continuously support the local barista community with skills upgrade and techniques.

Are you thinking to start your path to become a Coffee Specialist? Looking to improve your coffee knowledge and advance in your career? Are you interested in opening your own coffeeshop? Are you a coffee lover and simply want to learn more about your favorite drink? Our Academy is the right place for you!

Our Academy offers Italian Barista Courses and Certifications as well as SCA Courses and Certifications. All of these courses are hosted by Mattina Coffee.


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